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wireless buy is selling the tmobile 8800 for 50 dollars... thats weird even tho its ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    tmobile 8800


    wireless buy is selling the tmobile 8800 for 50 dollars... thats weird even tho its not officially out yet.... check it out at www wirelessbuy com

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    Re: tmobile 8800

    Here is the link for that.

    I did not see a date of availability?

    Also see:

    For additional information.

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    Re: tmobile 8800

    i guess technically they arent shipping til Monday so maybe thats how they get away with it! Thats an awesome prince though! Makes you wanna get another line, go with the contract and then just cancel it. End up with the phone for $250 bucks that way!

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    Re: tmobile 8800

    That sounds almost too good to be true!
    Dominick R. Jones

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    Re: tmobile 8800

    I am worried by what additional contract they will add on to the original T-Mobile contract to protect themselves.


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    Re: tmobile 8800

    I think your onto to something there Amigotek, there has to be a catch.

    ~via BB (

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    Re: tmobile 8800

    Doesn't take much digging to turn up the fine print
    Promotional pricing valid only with new T-Mobile activation with both a voice and data plan. A penalty of up to $300 may apply if changes are made to the T -Mobile account during the initial 121 day term. A minimum of a $39 voice and applicable data add-on plan must be maintained for the first 121 days from the date of activation. Coverage not available in all areas. Limited time offer and cannot be combined with any other promotions. Credit approval and 24 month service agreement required with $200 fee for early termination. Terms and conditions include mandatory arbitration provision. Incoming and outgoing calls are rounded up and billed in full minute increments from the time the network begins to process the call (before the call rings or is answered) through its termination of the call. All allocated airtime minutes must be used in the month provided and do not carry over.
    Standard Return Policy. The wireless device may be returned by Customer in accordance with WirelessBuy's return policy, as such may be modified from time to time. Customer may return the wireless device within 14 days of the original purchase for a refund of the purchase price less a non-refundable $35.00 restocking fee (SIM card replacement). Customer must provide proof of the date of purchase and return the wireless device by contacting us to get a Return of Merchandise Authorization ("RMA") number, and then return the device, along with all of its parts and original packaging to WirelessBuy in an insured traceable package. WirelessBuy reserves the right to charge or refuse the return of a wireless device with any damages. If returned within the 14 days period, Customer is responsible for any and all service charges, including without limitation, the monthly service fee, any additional messaging charges, the activation fee, and all applicable taxes and surcharges, if any, and any shipping costs. The device is not returnable after 14 days and Customer remains responsible for all service charges, as well as any additional messaging fees and any activation fee and all applicable taxes and surcharges.
    Applicable taxes, assessments, tolls, and long distance and roaming charges are additional. Activation fee charged for each line of service. Our digital PCS system is not compatible with Analog TTY, which may delay or prevent emergency calls. Additional restrictions may apply.
    Offer subject to change without notice. See your service agreement for all other applicable terms and conditions or see a sales representative for more details. T-Mobile is a registered trademark of Deutsche Telekom AG.

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    Re: tmobile 8800

    Takeshi, have you unlocked any vendor codes on your 8800?
    Iphone...what else would a MAC user have.....

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    Re: tmobile 8800

    do they not have this deal anymore or?!

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    Re: tmobile 8800

    Wirelessbuy still has their deal. I called and asked about the 8800. $50 with 2 yr contract, $100 for 1 yr. As long as you keep a $39.99 voice plan and the $19.99 data plan for the first 121 days, the deal is exactly the same as buying in a store MINUS the big price tag!!

    Ask for a Bluetooth Headset too, they are free with Blackberrys.

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