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Can certain themes slow down the performannce of a BB. Are the ones pre loaded ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Theme Speed


    Can certain themes slow down the performannce of a BB. Are the ones pre loaded on the 8800 the fastest?

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    Re: Theme Speed

    my typical *guess* would be maybe...
    but i've tested custom themes and preloaded themes and they seem to run the same. if you do have a custom theme with a ton of images, it might run a little slower...

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    Re: Theme Speed

    Yes. But I wouldnt worry to much about this on 8700/8100 BB's or better. For the 7100's/7290 and earlier I would try to use themes with the lowest total file size possible.

    Also see below which give some of the best way to keep your BB running fast:
    How to: Get Extra Memory Space On A Blackberry Save space on my Blackberry

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    Re: Theme Speed

    I used the BPlay Theme Aqua for a while, and went back to BB Dimension Icon on my Cingular 8800. I have noticed a much snappier response time. The main reason I went back to the Dimension theme is the full Yellow background behind the selected program is so much easier to recognize than the four corner box on the Bplay theme.

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    Re: Theme Speed

    my opinion is yes i downloaded the zen theme and it tends to be slow at times not enough to make me take it off but i notice it and looking at a past post others noticed the same thing

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