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Hi, I am (was) very happy with my new 8800 until... When I synchronize the ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Synthronizing problems


    Hi, I am (was) very happy with my new 8800 until...
    When I synchronize the Calendar, the 9000 records on my PC often get reduced down to around 200 on my BB; so then I clear the BB and synchronize the whole 9000 records - takes a long time;
    Then today (!) I cannot synchronize at all - I get the message "unable to write or update application data"
    Using Backup/restore, and the advanced option, I try to clear (for example) the Calandar. I then get the message "the data was not recognized by the device"
    Finally, and this is only for the Tasks application on my BB, when I try to access my tasks I get the message "uncaught exception: 35 >= 35" (I have 35 tasks)
    Maybe someone out there has encountered such problems and has a solution? I hope so. Thanks for any help here

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    Re: Synthronizing problems

    The calendar sync error message indicates a failure to sync a specific event. The ones I have read about usually concern events that have attachments to them. Check the sync log for further information on the problem.

    Never seen the task problem.

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Synthronizing problems

    my collegue has a similar problem. when he try to access his tasks he get the message "uncaught exception: 17 >= 17" We try to restart the BB, try to sinchronize it again but nothing help. So we take out the BB battery and wait 2 minutes, then start BB agian. Now Tasks are OK.
    TRY TO TAKE OUT THE BATTERY. Hope this help you !

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    Re: Synthronizing problems

    I'm encountering similar sync issues. I sync between my personal laptop and my work laptop. Both running XP Pro and Office 2007.

    When I sync on my home PC, it wants to delete many appointments. I tell it to re-sync, and it does it properly, however it takes a very long time as it has to sync all 3000+ appointments. I then try to sync with my work PC, and encounter the same issues again.

    Verizon's wonderful answer has been to wipe the handset, and re-try. Did this 3 times. No difference. Even wound up replacing my 8830 with an other unit - same problem.

    Anyone have any ideas here?

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    Re: Synthronizing problems

    I know there was one iteration of sofware that would not go back but about 2 weeks, it would only look forward. Not sure if that is your problem or not however.

    But really, why do you need all of the past data, or is all of this stuff in the future??

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