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Howdy, I'm a new BB user (Verizon), migrating from Ecco and Palm Treo 650 .... ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    synch problem, need help - old appts, clearing



    I'm a new BB user (Verizon), migrating from Ecco and Palm Treo 650 .... what a pain!
    I think I'm getting most of it ... csv export, fix date/time info, remove oversize appointment text; then import into Outlook. Outlook is looking pretty good.

    On the synch, Contacts seem to come over oK ... but calendar does not; well sorta.

    First problem - how can I change the Appt range to allow older appointments? I want to import last 18 mos. of appointments; is there a text file to edit to permit that? Here's log file:

    On 12/22/2007 11:26 PM
    Copy from Microsoft Outlook ƾ to Handheld Calendar

    Source System: Microsoft Outlook
    Target System: Handheld
    Conflict Resolution: Notify
    Appointment Range: From 12/22/2007 To 12/31/2400
    Read Source File:
    FAIL RANGE "EST TAX payment DUE on 15th"
    FAIL RANGE "Rotary - best western (5th to Prom)"
    FAIL RANGE "Charlene & Laurie come to clean"
    FAIL RANGE "haircut at xxxx - call to confirm time"
    FAIL RANGE "Movie at Rec Center"

    Second how can I purge all the calendar and phonebook in the BB, from the testing; then do a new import? (I don't want to add good in with bad data, or dupes.)

    Third, there's this gibberish (computer characters not english) in the Intellisynch application on the PC, and at the end of the log file .... is it a Language issue? Can I fix it? Or just ignore it?

    ADD "Ziegan"
    ADD "Stilin"
    ADD "sperl"
    ADD "Smith"

    Total Target Records: 1583

    Field mapping used for translation:
    Microsoft Outlook Handheld
    ¾ ---------------------------- Title
    qW ------------------------ Company Name
    ---------------------------- Notes
    qa} 1 ---------------------- Address1
    qa} 2 ---------------------- Address2
    qa} (/) ---------------- City
    qa} (/) ---------------- State/Prov
    qa} (a) ----------------- Country
    qa} (lϸ) ------------- Zip/Postal Code
    qǯuX -------------------- Fax
    qqܸX -------------------- Work Phone
    qqܸX 2 ------------------ Work Phone 2
    ʹqܸX -------------------- Mobile Phone
    IsX ---------------------- Pager
    LuqqܸX ------------------ Direct Connect
    qll 1 a} ----------------- Internet Address1
    qll 2 a} ----------------- Internet Address2
    qll 3 a} ----------------- Internet Address3
    aa} 1 ---------------------- Home Address1
    aa} 2 ---------------------- Home Address2
    aa} (/) ---------------- Home City
    aa} (/) ---------------- Home State/Prov
    aa} (a/a) ------------ Home Country
    aa} (lϸ) ------------- Home Zip/Postal Code
    aqܸX -------------------- Home Phone
    aqܸX 2 ------------------ Home Phone 2
    W -------------------------- Middle Name
    LqܸX -------------------- Other Phone
    ¾ ---------------------------- Salutation
    * ---------------------------- Web Address
    Wr ---------------------------- First Name
    m ---------------------------- Last Name
    ϥΪ̩wqr 1 -------------- PIN
    ϥΪ̩wqr 2 -------------- Interactive Handheld
    ϥΪ̩wqr 3 -------------- 1-way Pager
    O ---------------------------- Categories
    sHۤ ---------------------- Picture
    Translation successful.

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    Re: synch problem, need help - old appts, clearing


    First - With your BB connected, in Desktop Manager, go into Sync, select the Calendar and then the Advanced Settings. I'm pretty sure that's where you can set it to sync older appointments.

    Second - Go into the Backup/Restore app, click the Advanced button. Now, select the database you want to clear under the RIGHT Column (Device Databases) and click the Clear button.

    Third - Huh? You're just going to have to sift through your contacts and try to figure out which one is causing the problem! The only thing I can suggest is to view your contacts as a Phone List and go through the list keeping an eye on the icon in the left column. If you find one there that is yellow (a yellow shield or two yellow swords), this is a conflict and needs to be fixed or deleted. Also, if a non Contact items get accidentally dropped into the Contacts folder, it will show up with the wrong icon - like a Calendar or Note icon instead of a standard Contact icon. Fix or delete it.

    Good luck!

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