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So i have a bb 8830 from sprint (my first blackberry) i love the phone ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Sync question


    So i have a bb 8830 from sprint (my first blackberry) i love the phone and initially set it up with my internet email and was able to sync up my contatcs and calendars, etc. with my computer. Now since it is a work phone i had to activate the BES. Ever since i have done that i am unable to sync with my computer. It tells me that certain things that i am trying to sync (contacts and calendar) are set to wireless sync. Does this mean i can now only sync those things with my work computer over the BES or am i missing soemthing here? please let me know as i have been having to update both my computer and my blackberry to keep my schedules up to date and it is a pain in the butt. thanks.

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    Re: Sync question

    You can only sync to one source, and if you're on a BES, that's the PIMs associated with the BES account.

    If you're using Outlook in both locations, I'd suggest exporting your data from your personal Outlook, and importing them into your work Outlook, and keeping it in one place only - work.

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