This is fairly basic question but I haven't found the answer with my friend Google. I'm losing the second line of addresses when syncing to my ibook running OSX Tiger with all updates on which I have entourage which syncs with the native calendars. I think it is the blackberry element of it all that is going wrong, particularly going from the ibook to the Blackberry. I have also found that putting an address into the Mac or Entourage contacts doesn't go to the Blackberry ones. I sync using the free download of pocketmac.
Should I change some settings or get missing sync?
I am loath to go the obvious route and get an iphone as I love the blackbery keypad. I also love the virus free non crashing aspect of Mac but am a bit fed up that every bit of extra software seems to be only another $40 or more (£20 to us UK users), however I am happy to buy missing sync if it really would solve the address book problem for good.