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I typically sync my 8800 with Outlook, but I've taken on a new assignment where ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Question Sync 8800 with Lotus Notes (BIS?)


    I typically sync my 8800 with Outlook, but I've taken on a new assignment where the company uses Lotus Notes for messages, To Do, Calendar, etc. Is there an application that would help me sync my 8800 with the corporate LotusNotes, even though the company doesn't use BES? I noticed Lotus has an export feature using either tabular text, or .csv. Can I make use of this export feature if there is no other approach? Tks.
    Andrew (Gaithersburg, MD)

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    I used to sync with Lotus before our company went to Outlook. You can sync the BB with Lotus Notes via the desktop manager. I also setup a forwarding rule to forward my email to my BB email account. That wa I received my company email but would not respond since it was my personal email account.

    You can however set it up to use a reply to account so it looks like the company email account when you respond.

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    I use a more circuitous method, but it works.

    After a bit of tweaking to some code posted in Google's own forums, I have a LotusScript that exports lotus notes calendar entries to .csv. I then import any new appointments from that .csv to Google Calendar, and Google Calendar syncs wirelessly with my Crackberry and even sends SMS reminders so I don't forget meetings.

    I had been syncing GCal before I ever got a blackberry, for the purpose of keeping it synched with my home computer anyway. No private info in those appointments, and I need all the help I can get remembering where and when I'm supposed to be. Now, if I could just get something to automatically synch Lotus with GCal, I'd be set.

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