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i'm brand new to this forum, i just received my blackberry 8830 world edition in ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Somebody Please Helpp !!!


    i'm brand new to this forum, i just received my blackberry 8830 world edition in the mail a couple of hours ago, and i am in love. its a great phone. one slight problem though.. when i got the phone, the letter F / the number 6 on the keypad was missing. i don't know what to do, i contacted the seller on ebay, and there not answering, and they'll never answer, they just want your money. anybody know what to do, any suggestions? i want a new keypad but i don't know if its possible to just order a new keypad and then rip off the button on the new keypad and put it on my phone.. help please ! any input would be great..
    thanks alot guys

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    Re: Somebody Please Helpp !!!

    If you just received it today then don't be so hasty to write off the seller as not going to respond. They might still be working (it is only 5:13pm in CA) and not got to the email. Relax just a bit. They sent you the BB instead of just running off with your money, or sending you something that doesn't even work... so have faith that they really didn't intend that issue and will get back to you

    Now to answer the other part: yes you can get the keypad alone on eBay (and other locations I'm sure). Try these.. but before you order just give the seller at least 24 hours.
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    Re: Somebody Please Helpp !!!

    You can also order your keyboard here
    They are $4.00

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