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    Question SMS Text Sender/Recipient Grouping


    I have a BB 88330 through Alltel and wanted to see if there was a way that I could organize my texts by sender/recipient. A friend of mine has an 8830 through Sprint and his seems to organize texts by sender/recipient for each day, but mine doesn't even do that. I did notice that he does not have it set so that SMS, Missed Calls, and E-mails are grouped separately, but other than that, all the options are set the same. Additionally, he has a Palm 700P and showed me that on the Palm all the text messages you receive from a person can be grouped together. So basically he has a log with all the sent messages and received messages from different people grouped by person that can go back for months. Is there any way that we can set it up like that on the 8830, so we can view all the sent and received messages sorted by person, without having to go into each message individually and look at the message and then come out of the message and go to the next one? I hope that makes since. Thanks in advance.
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    Re: SMS Text Sender/Recipient Groupint

    Does your friend's Sprint phone use a different theme? Some of those features you are asking about are accomplished by different themes. I would suggest unlocking all the themes on the 8830 (search on this site for directions) and try to match the same theme that your friend is using. That may get you there.

    Good luck!


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