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I got an 8820 that has no sms option under the messages screen. I can ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    SMS screen missing? do I need service book?


    I got an 8820 that has no sms option under the messages screen. I can receive, but I cannot send, forward or reply to texts the sms is simply not there. I have done a reset and went through troubleshooting with AT&T and they stated I need to get service books from Blackberry however I bought this phone used and do not have access to that. I think I need the service books sent to me or the one that pertains to SMS and I would gladly compensate anyone who can help me. Thanks

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    Hi Jim, Getting a used phone should not be an Issue, UNLESS, the PIN number of the device is still registered to another Phone number. If this is so, who ever you got it form would have to call the carrier to have the PIN relased so it can be registered to your Phone number.
    And Yes Service books is what you need, everything routes to a BB Based on Its PIN number, found under Options>Status
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    If you bought it used go in to options>Security Options>General Settings and see if there is an IT Policy name listed anywhere in there.

    It may have been on a BES previously that locks out SMS abilities

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