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Hi all, morning, evening, afternnoon depending where you are! 8800 model: How do i send ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Sending Business card


    Hi all, morning, evening, afternnoon depending where you are!

    8800 model:
    How do i send a Business card to via text message I had to write the number manually the other day and text it to a friend?

    Any ideas?



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    Re: Sending Business card

    You can not attach anything to an SMS (Text) message. SMS is text only and doesn't handle attachments. It has nothing to do with the BlackBerry.

    If you want to be able to send your info easily in an SMS message, create an AutoText entry (let's assign it to the sequence sig) with the info you'd want to send - your name, phone number, email address, address, etc. Put more in the AutoText than less - you can always delete it. Then, if you need to send someone your info, simply type sig and when you hit [Space] sig will be replaced by the info you programed in AutoText. If it's more info than you want, simply delete what you don't want to send.

    There are some preinstalled AutoText entries like mynumber and mypin that automatcially expand to... well you get the idea! There are also items that you can use in a macro like %o (that's percent sign and lower case O) and %O (that's percent sign and upper case O) that will expand to the Owner Name and Owner Information you enter under Options --> Owner.

    I don't want to attach a signature to my outgoing emails all the time, so I have Signatures turned off, and a macro sig that is defined as:

    I have my full name entered under Owner's Name, and my full work address with phone number and work email address under Owner's Information. When I type sig in any message - or anywhere for that matter (Calendar, Notes, etc.), it automatically expands to all that information. I can then remove anything I don't want to send (like my phone number). A blank line is even automatically put between my name and address because my information starts with a blank line.

    Also, you can attach one or more addresses (as vCards) to an Email or MMS message. When in the body of the message you're composing, Click the Menu Button (button to the left of the trackball) and select Attach Address.
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    Re: Sending Business card

    Great tip... thanks!

    Question, though: Is there a way to stop it from attaching "Sent from My Varizon Blackberry" at the end of every email?

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