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I just got an 8800, and it's got the old Cingular Raising The Bar startup ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    I just got an 8800, and it's got the old Cingular Raising The Bar startup screen. Is it possible to change this to a new AT&T logo? Also is it possible to unlock the phone with a PC? Thanks!

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    I don't know of really any way to be able to change that screen. I've unlocked quite a few of the 8800's in my time and have had no luck with that either. As for unlocking your device I got a link for ya!

    There is really no way to unlock the device with a PC that I know but I'm under the assumption that you want to unlock it to be able to be open to more carriers.

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    The vendor splash cannot be removed as far as I know. Unlocking has nothing to do with it, neither does installing another carrier's OS.

    To unlock, you need to get an unlock code from your carrier if they will give you one - some do, some don't and it also depends upon how long you have been a customer in good standing and your reason for wanting to unlock it. Otherwise, you need to purchase an unlock code from someone who does that , i.e Horizon Wireless or gsmphonesource. Have also seen it on eBay.
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