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I'm using an 8830, but this should work with any BB that allows you to ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Quicker Way to Call Fwd/UnFwd


    I'm using an 8830, but this should work with any BB that allows you to dial from the Home Screen.

    The story behind the tip........

    I have my BB auto shut down at 11:30PM, and back on at 7:00AM. The first thing I do is to unforward my number. I've been doing it by going into the phone options, call forwarding, changing the forward number to Do Not Forward, hitting the menu and selecting save. Once I do that, you can hear the call forward cancel tones over the speaker. This causes my wife to jump to a state of full awakeness, and then glare at me for waking her up.

    On a CDMA device, when you call forward, your phone is simply dialing *72xxx-xxx-xxxx, where the x's are your 10 digit phone number. When you unforward, your phone dials *720. Using the method above you never see any of this, only the end results.

    This morning I was about to unforward, dreading my wife's reaction (yes, I know I could get out of bed before unforwarding, but that's not really the point here, bear with me please, especially if you in the same relative position as my beloved wife in this story). So, I wondered, what if I just dialed *720 from the phone? I tried it, the phone dialed the number without activating the speaker, because for all intents, I'm just making a phone call. My BB's call forwarding was canceled, and my lovely wife never stirred!

    To make it easier, I created two contacts, Fwd for call forwarding, and UnFwd for call forward cancelling. I attached the first to the "F" key, and the second to the "U" key. Now I can forward/unforward from the homescreen. I rolled out of bed and got ready for work, and my dear wife stirred slightly only when I kissed her good bye. And we'll live happily ever after.


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