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Hi Folks, Wonder if someone can help please. I have been tearing my hair out ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    problem sending email through BES


    Hi Folks,
    Wonder if someone can help please.
    I have been tearing my hair out over this one.
    I have checked on the site and it's a steep learning curve that I am not winning at the moment.
    Problem on my 8800. I am on a corporate BES, using Desktop manager for sync and outlook 2003 in pop/smtp to corporate site on laptop.
    I am receiving emails into blackberry and also no problem into my outlook.
    I am syncing the contacts, tasks, etc fine.
    I am sending emails from my outlook fine.
    cannot send any emails to corporate or internet from blackberry.
    Error coming up on a message is:
    message status: Transaction error - bad Format.
    at the very top of message header it says:
    sent using: Desktop (secure).

    I have tryed uninstalling desktop manager, no different.
    tried wiping the machine and calling IT to re-activate me. When i wiped it, i got back to the vodaphone UK basic screen and re-activated fine and received message saying registered to blackberry, but what i also noticed is possibly the BES server has held more information, cos I am sure after it finished downloading stuff, I got my zen theme back and my personal background picture. that got me thinking maybe it's re-download the old service books, dont know, but anyway after all this, still same problem.
    when i run diagnostic on blackberry, it runs through ok, saying connected to wireless, blackberry,pin all ok until it gets to server, it shows my email address as the server, my email address and then connecting to my email address, it then says no for connection.
    If I got to manage connections/services status, it shows not connected for the BES, mobile network is showing GPRS.

    Sorry for long email, but it's just to say what I already have done.
    I have downloaded the operating system from the vodaphone UK link, in case you think that a total re-install is the only way forward.

    Best Regards

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    Re: problem sending email through BES

    Make sure that you set your Send As permision properly.
    You cannot be a member of any ADMIN account in your domain !!!!!!!

    Cheers and good luck

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