Hi everyone, here I go again with my browser woes. Before I even start describing the problem I'd like to clarify once more that I haven't got a BB data plan but just a generic one which I have had for years and worked well with all my previous non-BB handsets.

Here's the snag: my 8820 was originally locked to the Orange UK network but it's been long since unlocked for use with any SIM from other networks which I need as over every twelve months period I regularly go through a minimum of three different countries' SIMs depending on where I am based. I have been running for years a pay monthly Vodafone UK SIM which works fine with the device and regardless of what a lot of people state on a lot of posts I can both surf the net with my Vodafone Live! browser including downloading third party apps OTA - not only using the wi-fi connections but using the gprs connections in the UK and abroad - and use the handset as a tethered/bluetooth modem for my personal laptop.

I have upgraded to OS 4.5 three times so far and always come back to the original OS the first two times it was beta 4.5 OS's, this last time it was an official release from Orange UK - - but regardless of which one I have been installing the end result has been that I lost the Vodafone Live! icon and have been left with the wi-fi only BB browser. Upon going back to OS 4.2 the Vodafone Live! browser has regularly come back to the fold; similarly and matching the disappearance of the Voda Live! browser the service books on the device have gone down from 6 under OS 4.2 to 2 only under OS 4.5 with only the wi-fi browser service books staying on the device when I upgrade. Anyone would happen to have any suggestion as to why these service books seem to vary in number depending on the OS I have installed? I don't see an awful lot of extra features in OS 4.5 for my 8820 - have no camera so the extra functionality for the camera has no use on my device - only the presence of "Documents To Go" is a nice add-on; I still would like having the latest OS installed but clearly not at the price of losing some of its functionality.

Any contribution greatly appreciated,