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hi everyone - i am new to BB - 4 days in and love it! ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    hi everyone - i am new to BB - 4 days in and love it! i have a 8800! (had an N95! nightmare!)
    Anyways! Im trying to understand how the network operates and im confused....

    I have an unlimited bb bolt on - does this also include 3rd party push software? ie - weather and stock updates or is this charged through GPRS???

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    Re: Newbie!

    WELCOME!!! I don't know the answer but I am sure someone will be along shortly to answer your question. Glad you have found Pinstack. It is a wonderful place!!

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    Re: Newbie!

    8800vip -- welcome to the stacks

    im not sure i understand completely...who is your carrier?

    if you signed up for an unlimited BLACKBERRY plan, then all of those things are covered under your data plan. sometimes also called a BIS plan...

    anything you download on your bb, with the browser or otherwise, is free unless of course, the application creator charges

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