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I love my 8800, but one feature I really liked on my treo 680 was ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    mute incoming calls


    I love my 8800, but one feature I really liked on my treo 680 was the button I could press and mute all incoming calls and still leave my phone on. How can I do this on 8800? Like I am at a concert,meeting, or church and I need to add a calendar item, but I really can't have the phone ringing. Thanks for any help.

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    Re: mute incoming calls

    Hit the end button or change the profile to quiet

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    Re: mute incoming calls

    redjim - i don't have the 8800 but can only assume that since all the other bb's are the same, you can change all this thru your profiles. you can change it to quiet and it won't ring at all. even turn off the led to not blink (my hubby HATES that led when he's trying to sleep at night )

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    Re: mute incoming calls

    did you try holding down the # key? It puts mine to vibrate (which is very weak so not too disturbing).

    edit: lol we all replied at the same time haha.
    But you can also set up one of the "convenience keys" to the Profiles, and just switch it that way.
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    Re: mute incoming calls

    ~via BB ( give my props thanks cliff I diddnt know the # set my pearl to vibe. Thanks.

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