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Hi all, I go to with my Browser (on an 8800) and it just ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Hi all,

    I go to with my Browser (on an 8800) and it just gives me the same page I would get if I went to it with IE on my PC!

    I want to download the free games, but I can't.

    Any ideas?

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    You found a good one. I changed all of the WML/HTML settings in the browser options and couldn't duplicate the problem.

    Have you tried all the usual stull like pulling the battery, etc? You can also check Options>Advanced Options>Service Books to make sure you have a service book that contains something similar to "Blackberry Internet Browsing" in the name. If not, you can log into your BIS and resend your service books.

    Let everyone know if either of these helps.

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    Do you have a browser Service Book (Options/Advanced Options/Service Book) called BlackBerry Internet Browsing Service? If so, go to Options/Advanced Options/Browser and set your Default Browser Configuration to Internet. If you don't have that service book, call your Carrier and request the Data Device Support desk. Ask them to verify your "account is properly provisioned for Blackberry Internet Sercvice.

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