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I am using a 2GB micro SD card for the first time in my BB8800. ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Question Micro SD storing PDFs?


    I am using a 2GB micro SD card for the first time in my BB8800. I see that it's primarily used for media storage. I was wondering if anyone has used it for storing and accessing .pdf files and if that works. Also, can I use the Roxio media feature of the Desktop software (4.3) to transfer .pdf files, or if it's just better to manually transfer them. Once transferred, I'm not sure how to access them on the BB. Thanks.

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    Re: Micro SD storing PDFs?

    You can store whatever you want on the SD card. Use Mass Storage Mode and it will show up as disk drive in Windows Explorer.

    You can't view PDF's stored there without a third party viewer - and I'm not aware of any that are free. However, you can attach them to an email to send out.

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    Re: Micro SD storing PDFs?

    Try they have free reader and file converter that lets you view docs on your BB. via BB (

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