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Hi guys, I'm brand spanking new to this BB stuff... I need to create a ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Question Mapping.... Google Maps?


    Hi guys,
    I'm brand spanking new to this BB stuff...
    I need to create a program for my BB8800 that will display a map with 5 - 10 diffenernt pin points on it, the co ordinants of which will be generated by my application.
    My questions are:
    1. Can I use google mobile maps to display these locations? As in can I programatically load GMMs and pass to it the co ordinates of the places i need it to show from my j2me application?
    2. Or should I use the built in map application that comes with the 8800?
    3. In my main application, is there like a gps type library that i can import? so that i can get my location co ordinates programatically ( e.g system.gps.location
    4. Is there any good guides for a BB beginner such as myself? i.e video tutorials or beginers guide type stuff?
    Thanks for any answers you guys can give me!

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    Re: Mapping.... Google Maps?

    Welcome to pinstack. I use Telenav to do some of what you are referring to. You can use the maps included but maybe not to the extent of what you want.

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