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I can't decide whether to wait for the Iphone or get the 8800. Can you ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Internet from the 8800


    I can't decide whether to wait for the Iphone or get the 8800. Can you use the 8800 as a wireless modem for a mac laptop?

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    Re: Internet from the 8800

    ~via BB ( iphone will get a lot of consumers because it starts with an "I" anyways, if your in for it for the emails, and ur a business guy/girl then go for the BB. Goodluck

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    Re: Internet from the 8800

    Here are a few negatives about the iPhone

    What doesn’t iPhone do? Unlike most smart phones, the iPhone doesn’t have voice-dialing, voice memos, 3G Internet access, Word or Excel support, one-handed operation, or video recording. It can’t be used as a laptop modem. The battery can’t be replaced. It doesn’t support removable storage. The calendar, task list and e-mail won’t sync with Microsoft Outlook

    As a media player, the screen is big and the interface is undeniably cool. But storage limitations will seriously annoy people when they actually try to use the thing. Consider this: The operating system by itself will reportedly use about half a gigabyte. Add the included applications plus personal data such as contacts, all your songs, album art (to take advantage of the music browsing feature) and maybe a dozen or so podcast subscriptions, and at least 2 GB will be used before any movies are loaded. Movies available on iTunes range from just under 1 GB to just over 2 GB. There’s not a lot of space left for video

    By comparison, you could easily fit every stoner comedy, inane chick flick and bus-oriented action movie Keanu Reeves has ever participated in on a iPod G5. But you probably could not squeeze even the Matrix Trilogy on the 8 GB iPhone and no more than one Matrix movie on the 4 GB iPhone

    Another thing that will dash expectations is the fact that Apple is not yet opening iPhone to applications created by third-party developers. By contrast, besides letting you surf the Net, chat, do e-mail, listen to music, watch videos and so on, BlackBerrys, Treos and Windows Mobile devices have literally thousands of applications developed by third parties. IPhone users will miss out on all of that.
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    Re: Internet from the 8800

    To address the OP's actual question -- yes. However, some carriers require that you sign up for a tethering option or data plan.

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    Re: Internet from the 8800

    If signing up for a data plan, be sure to check that DUN (Dial-Up Networking) is actually included in the plan. Carriers have the ability to disable this depending on your plan.

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