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Environment = Blackberry 8830, Exchange 2007 SP1, BES 4.1 Device Settings: filed messages and sent ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Question Inbox + BB Message Synchronization


    Environment = Blackberry 8830, Exchange 2007 SP1, BES 4.1

    Device Settings:
    filed messages and sent messages are set to HIDE, also have it set to keep 30 days of mail. Delete on phone and mailbox as well as If conflicts Mailbox wins

    Question is the number of items in messages is far more than that what is showing in the INBOX in Outlook. The goal is to have the device mirror what is in Outlook. Is there something we are missing?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Inbox + BB Message Synchronization

    Under BES, the BlackBerry does not SYNCHRONIZE, it RECONCILES. It is not a mirror of your Inbox.

    Once an email has been sent to your BlackBerry, it will never be sent to it again, so if you wipe your BlackBerry, you will only receive messages starting with the first message not yet sent to the BlackBerry.

    Conversely, if you delete on your Outlook Inbox, it will eventually delete from your BlackBerry, although it does NOT do it immediately. HOWEVER, if you MOVE the message to a PST (Archive folder), the BES will not know what happened to the message, and will not remove it from your BlackBerry.

    This should not be a problem as even if you start to run out of space on your BlackBerry (highly unlikely), it will automatically delete messages (oldest first) as space is needed.

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    I have a question for you guys:

    When I send a message from Outlook to someone, my BlackBerry will recieve this message in the Inbox as if it was CC'd of BCC'd to myself.

    The messages appear without the "Check" symbol so it is not a message that's located in my Sent Items. The Sent and Filed items are hidden (in General Options (Messages Options) on the device).

    We're running BlackBerry Professional Software v4.1 for Microsoft(R) Exchange
    and Microsoft(R) Exchange 2007 SP1

    All of our devices have the same problem (8707g, 8800 and 8310).

    Additionally, when adding a new device to the BB server, all messages ever sent from Outlook (until 5 days prior to the day of activation) will be added to the Inbox of the device. Again: no "Check" symbol, so no messages from the Sent Items folder.

    Please advice...
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    We have serveral users having the same problem as Stampen. Any advice would be appreciated.


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    I am seeing the same issue, but only since I was upgraded to Outlook 2007 last week. This is a repeatable issue. All I have to do is be on the phone in a voice call and send a message from Outlook 2007. When I hang up, the message is sent to my BB, and appears in both the Inbox and Sent Items. The sent time is incorrect and the icon is the envelope instead of the checkmark. If you open it from the Inbox (my Sent items are hidden also), the 2nd line of the header shows it is located in the Sent Items and deleting it from the Inbox will remove it from the Outlook Sent folder. My IT staff is saying my BB needs to be rebuilt, but I know this started with the Outlook 2007 upgrade and sending from OWA does not reproduce the problem.

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