We are trying to get my firm to switch to VZ 8830s (OS 4.2) but we are hitting a major quirk that for some reason doesn't faze our crappy Treos.

When receiving a pdf that was secured (no password required, just set so you cannot edit or copy the doc), when you try to "View Text" in the attachment menu, you get an empty screen. The BB does not convert the pdf. It works fine for normal, unsecured pdfs.

My users are big fans of this on their treos (using GoodLink) so they can quickly see attachments without waiting for a fancy pdf to load.

The PDF doc we were testing with has the following settings when you check in Acrobat Reader:
Security Method: Password Security
Document Open Password: No
Permissions Password: Yes
Printing: High Resolution
Changing the Document: Not Allowed
Commenting: Not Allowed
Form Field Fill-In or Signing: Not Allowed
Document Assembly: Not Allowed
Content Copying: Not Allowed
Content Accessibility Enabled: Allowed
Page Extraction: Not Allowed
Encryption level: 128 bit RC4

If I had to guess, it looks like GoodLink is going solely off of the "Accessability" Flag...

I was checking out the third party solutions but none of them seems to do a quick and dirty pdf to text conversion, which Goodlink does very well.

Right now we are testing using BIS, but does anyone know of anything you can do on the BES with the Attachment Service to get this to work?