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What is the significant difference between GPRS and EDGE please?... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    GPRS and EDGE


    What is the significant difference between GPRS and EDGE please?

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    Re: GPRS and EDGE

    EDGE offers a higher rate of data transfer compared to GPRS. This means EDGE is clearly faster.
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    Re: GPRS and EDGE

    More details between the types of networks:

    network types explained in brief
    Data Outages
    Reinstall OS
    Desktop/Device Page

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    Re: GPRS and EDGE

    This straight from the Blackberry refrence guide that came with our BB. At least it did with mine.

    EDGE You can use the phone. wend and receive email, PIN SMStest and MMS messages, and use the browser with a high-speed data connection.

    GPRS All of the Above with out the high-speed connection.

    edge You can use the phone and send SMS text messages

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