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Not really sure if this should be in the reviews because it's more of a ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Going from Pearl 8100 to 8820


    Not really sure if this should be in the reviews because it's more of a comparison.

    First things first

    TRACKBALL I'm not gonna lie to you the 8820's ball feels smaller and doesn't seem to roll as nice as my 8100 did. I dunno maybe it's just one of the phones was odd, also the Pearls looks a lot clearer and I keep them both really clean. The light they both emit is different the 8820 is a bright white while the pearl has a more old light bulb affect.
    Winner Pearl

    KEYS Well obviously going from Suretype which I've used since April back to a full keyboard took maybe a days practice to get back. The keys themselves on the pearl were very mushy and I kinda like that, made it easy to text without looking. The 8820 has click keys I suppose which once you get used to them work perfectly.
    Winner depends purely on preference of Suretype vs. full QWERTY

    Screen My god the 8820 wins hands down, I have bad eyes and the Ipod video size screen is a huge improvement over the Pearl screen I'm at aww sometimes.
    Winner 8820

    Build Quality
    Now I'm obviously gonna talk about how all small moving parts on the pearl seem to have broken. Battery cover clip, Micro SD metal slot, and Sim metal slot, now the later two just clip back in but the battery cover clip was held on with double sided tape. Not only that the side keys and mute buttons seem to have become more indented as time has gone on. they still work don't get me wrong. The 8820 on the other hand seems like it's built like a rock the buttons all feel really firm on the sides and the chrome menu, call, back, and end buttons look really nice. Even if the paint seems to come off them easily.
    Winner 8820

    Well both have Media players, the difference is the 8820s looks really nice it's Blue when it opens and has a lot of features it looks like the 4.3 previews I've seen but who knows. The Pearls on the other hand is very MS DOS feeling, very basic looks fairly ugly I suppose.
    Next is the Pearl's Cam vs the 8820's Wifi and GPS, now obviously the Pearl can have GPS through a Puck but I don't know if I could use it on the small screen. With that in mind the Pearl had an ok cam to say the least it would wash out colors for me but still put out decent quality. The 8820's GPS is awesome I use it almost everyday just for fun I guess but it has already gotten me unlost twice, the Wifi on the other hand on AT&T is kinda useless I mean I suppose it speeds up internet but I really haven't noticed.
    Winner is your personal opinion and uses.

    Overall I'm all for the 8820 and can't see myself going back to suretype just because of the small screen it brings with it, thanks for reading.

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    Re: Going from Pearl 8100 to 8820

    thanks for the post. I have the 8100 and am debating 8820 or 8310 as the next one.

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    I love my pearl! Lol, jus wanted to add my 2 cents. Aloha

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