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Hi BB Gurus, I need your expertise gentlemen, I have created a BIS user account ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Deleting BIS user account


    Hi BB Gurus,

    I need your expertise gentlemen, I have created a BIS user account in which I used a user account that is not allocated to a specific BB device so I need to create a new BIS user account again to rectify it however I can't delete the old BIS user account that I have created what I am only allowed to do is to delete the created EMAIL account associated in that BIS user account. Does anyone here knows a way to delete the old one that I have created coz while this BIS user account still exists I can't create a new as it will prompt you that this particular BB's PIN is already registered in another account...

    need your help urgently,

    thanks in advance and regards,

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    If you created an account and registered your PIN and IMEI to an account you will need to release that account. Depending who your carrier is you will need to sign into that account and then close it via PC.

    I'm just confused why you need to delete this account. Is it not tied to your BB? You may want to elaborate.

    If your PIN is tied to the previous account you created then you cannot use that PIN again for another account. So give us more details so we can help you further.

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