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Hi Guys I am hoping ou can help me with this as I have been ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Hi Guys
    I am hoping ou can help me with this as I have been trying for ages .
    When I open my address book, by clicking the trackball, it immediately goes to Personal*No Addresses*
    I them have to click the key to the left of trackball and go to SIM phone book to see number in phone.
    Other numbers i have save i have to find by clicking OPTIONS, change FIRST NAME/LAST NAME or visa versa to find these numbers.
    Basically I want to click phone book/Address and see all my numbers like a normal phone

    Please help its driving me mad

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    Re: contact list

    I think you need to copy your sim address book to your BB. This can be done easily:

    open the address book
    press menu key ( key with BB logo left of the trackball)
    click sim phone book
    press menu key again
    click copy all to address book

    let me know if it works

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