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.....on buying a 8800 ! I am a current Nextel 7100i user. I wanted to ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    .....on buying a 8800 ! I am a current Nextel 7100i user. I wanted to know can you use the media player on the 8800 to watch .mp4 files ?

    Reason I asked is that sometime while on the train to work or to home I would like to watch a movie. So can the media player play .mp4 files from the "expansion slot" or do you have to "copy" the file from the SD card to the unit itself. I hope that is not the case !

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    Yes, the 8830 (via Verizon) will play MPEG-4 either way: from the device or from the microSD card. But if you're looking for a serious media player, you may be disappointed. The 8800 series is primarily a messaging tool and a stable phone. It is geared/marketed towards the business user, but since you own a 7100i I assume you already know this! I love the media player, but it's nothing special: playlists must be created as folders, and the more songs you have, the slower accessing them will be. If you already have a mobile media player, but just don't want to carry or expose it on the train, the 8830 will be fine. If you're planning on uploading some 1500 songs to a 6gb microSD, you may be disappointed. Video is an eye strain but a nice bonus to the already robust set of features.

    Regardless, the 8830 is an exciting upgrade from the 7100i. As a rare CDMA/GSM half-breed, GPS-enabled device, you will not be disappointed. If you loathe Verizon, you're still getting a great device in Sprint's 8830 or another carrier's 88xx.
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