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Is there an easy way to clean up your calendar? Delete past appointments etc.. I ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Clear Calendar


    Is there an easy way to clean up your calendar? Delete past appointments etc.. I am on a Bes and I want to clean up the memory on the Berry 8800 I have. When I delete the appointments in outlook it doesn't wireless delete the appointment on the berry.


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    Re: Clear Calendar

    In Agenda view if you highlight a date and access the menu you can choose Delete Prior (just like in Messages). Old appointments beyond a certain date range should be automatically removed.

    Why are you cleaning up your BB manually? How much memory do you have free? Remember that a BB isn't like a PC. What's considered a small amount of space on a PC is a ton of space on a BB.

    Your calendar entries don't take up much space. If you really need to free up space you should clear out unused apps, pics, ringtones, etc. Also, pull the battery first and hit Alt-LGLG from the home screen, access the menu and choose Clear Log.

    You should definitely check into the calendar sync issue that you're having. Try turning off wireless sync for about 20 minutes (Options in Calendar) and then turn it back on. Sometimes toggling it will get it working again.

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