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After Looking through countless Threads and hundreds of post i finally said **** it I ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Thumbs up Blinking Red Light, Connection Problems- Possible Solution


    After Looking through countless Threads and hundreds of post i finally said **** it
    I forgot about my phone and went out for the night. The next morning i plugged it back into the usb and for the first time in 2 days my screen turned on only to display a Dead battery Sign. I opened the application loader and did all the steps i did before and for some reason i didnt get any stupid error msgs and it finished everything it had to do in about 15 min and before i knew it my phone was working again.

    before this i tread that Cl_cmder or whatever the **** its called that was no help
    that java **** didnt work either
    all the updates and other **** i downloaded where no help
    so if uve tried all that ur preety much in the same position i was in.

    I Made this thread Because i know for a fact a number of people had or have this same problem, I read on multiple threads that it was a hardware problem and i had to send it in for repair. Thats ****en Bullshit How can Installing an application fry my whole phone thats retarded. So give this a try it might work it might not but when ur in that position u got no choice.

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    Re: Blinking Red Light, Connection Problems- Possible Solution

    Installing an application can fry your entire phone by miscoding itself in the CMOS if it doesn't install correctly. You got lucky that your unit seemed to repair itself but don't think that software can't fry a phone. In most situations the phone does need to be replaced if running the solutions you tried don't work. I would agree with you that you should try it since it can't do anymore damage than what has already happened. I am glad you got your unit working.

    On a different note, can you please clean your language up in future posts (yes, the **** do keep it "clean" but it doesn't take much to translate it in your head as you read it)?


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