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Has anyone heard yet whether any of the usual suspects (screen patronus, invisible shield, etc.) ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Re: Blackberry & screen protectors


    Has anyone heard yet whether any of the usual suspects (screen patronus, invisible shield, etc.) have released protectors for the 8800? I have heard that people have tried them but the fit hasnt necessarily been great yet - I assume because maybe they arent cut specifically for the 8800?

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    Re: Blackberry & screen protectors

    Quote Originally Posted by zentient
    • Do you really need a screen protector for the BB 8800?
    • Will keeping it in a case or sock/bag eliminate the need for a screen protector?

    I've used 72xx BB's at work and never used a screen protector, and I was surprised that the screens on that series never got scratched; they only retained a seemingly permanent sheen of finger grease. Screen protectors were absolutely necessary on other devices I've owned, such as Palms. I was hoping the screen would be relatively durable by comparison if care were taken with it. (who I have been very happy to do business with) has cases now out for the 8800 for those who have them

    These guys will customize a case exactly the way u want it. You can choose options for case color, clips, personalization (including having your name engraved and a color shield). I have ordered 4 cases from them so far for different phones/devices and am waiting on case #5.

    When I was using my 7100 series, the screen protector was added onto 2 cases I ordered at no extra charge. I had to ask for it. I got the screen protector because, on a 7105t I had, one drop and I had a scratch smack in the middle of the screen. I could never get it out.

    When I got my Pearl, the screen protector was built into the Open Face Case at no extra charge

    The 8800 Open Face Case has no screen protector built in but you can ask for it and they will add it, no extra charge.

    One last recommendation. If you are looking at the 8800 Body Glove Case, I would NOT recommend this case. I have one for my 7100's and the case covered the screen AND keyboard. I hated trying to type thru plastic. It was a Krusell Case. Fortte has one but I haven't ordered it.
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    Re: Blackberry & screen protectors

    i used a screen protector on my 8800 and pulled it off after a day it kept comming off/ sliding up everytime i put it into the holster. i think your better off just using the case it came with and go gentle on the phone. lol. its not like the 8700 or previous models.

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    Re: Blackberry & screen protectors

    i'm over them. i enjoy the brightness of the screen. sometimes the screen protector takes that away to reduce glare.
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