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Hi, im stuck in a rather complex situation and seek help. well there was this ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Question BB 8800 Help!



    im stuck in a rather complex situation and seek help.
    well there was this 8800 i was working on, it was contiously showing an hour glass (doom of sth wht u call it), so i thought i mite reload the OS. While doing it, the desktop manager asked for a password, and i entered a wrong password ten times hoping that in the end it will wipe all the applications from the device. After i did so, an error "507" appeared on the screen of the blackberry.
    To get rid of it, i tried to reload the OS, but the PC simply wont detect my device and wont show the pin. I took out bb's battery and started to reload again, but in the process of reloading, the PC would contiuosly fail to detect my device.
    I have also tried JL_cmdr to wipe off the device but it too, does not detect my device.
    So to conclude, the 507 error is still there, it wont go and i cant reload the OS, because the pc is not detecting the device.
    Now i really dont care what happens to the device, all i want is to get rid of that error in any possible way. is there a way of wiping everything off the device? or can i hard reset my device?
    Pls dont ask me to contact the service provider because that is sth i dont wanna do until unless im sure nothing can be done to resolve the problem.

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    Re: BB 8800 Help!

    Error 507 means there's nothing on the device except the bootstrap loader. Both JL_Cmder and Application Loader may fail to see the device, but just forge ahead! Windows should make the familiar KaKlunk when you plug in the device - meaning that it sees the device. Start Desktop Manager, launch the Application Loader and proceed even if it doesn't see the device. It should find it.

    Just did this to two devices Friday!

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