I have tried several map applications on my replacement BB8820 without success. My previous one had no difficulty with them. If I try to run the BB maps app delivered with the 8820, for example, I get the following error message:
"Your current Default Services do not provide access to map data."
If I look at "Default Services" under "Advanced Options", only "Address Book", "Calendar" and "Messaging" are listed.
The "Service Book" (also under "Advanced Options") lists "BlackBerry Maps [LbsConfig] and has a check-mark by it.
If I look at "GPS" under "Advanced Options", "GPS Services" is set to "Location ON", but all of the "GPS Location" data are 0 or empty. I was able to download & install Google Maps 4.0.2, but also get an error message when I try to start it: "Application terminatedGoogle Maps has been denied the "Interprocess Communication" permission.", even though I have edited its permissions to "Allow" all available permissions ("Connections", "Interactions" and "User Data").
What could be causing this wierd behaviour, and how can it be fixed?