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Fellas, It's been a while since the last time i posted my bb concern in ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    BB8800 (BES) calender does sync with my outlook calendar



    It's been a while since the last time i posted my bb concern in this forum and I'm very thank to those who are very helpful that share their idea.

    I think it is about time for me to post a new one.

    We are running a BES and MS Exchange on our company for our outlook email and to forward emails to our users' bb. I just experience this one issue this morning that I can't get to reconcile one of my user's calendar to her BB. What happened is if she deletes an entry from her calendar through outlook it doesn't get deleted on her BB8800 but if you delete the entry from her BB it gets deleted on her outlook in short the deletion process doesn't work in both ways. I don't have any problem in creating new appointments, both are kept synchronize whether you created the appoint on her outlook or on her BB. Usually when I encounter this problem I just set the wireless sync from the calendar option to NO then put it back to YES then it gets updated or sometimes I just turn off the handheld and put it back on and everything is back to normal but in today's scenario this solution didn't worked.

    Any idea how to deal with this issue???

    thank you in advance

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    Ask Me:)
    What errors do you see in the BES logs, sounds like conflict resolution error.

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    I agree. There may be a corrupt calendar entry. And how big is her calendar in Exchange? An overly large calendar can cause issues in synchronization.

    Have you tried deleting her from BES and re-adding her?

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