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Is there a new tool for 8800 themes? It seems the themes that are posted ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    8800 Theme Tool...


    Is there a new tool for 8800 themes? It seems the themes that are posted for the 8800, besides the unlocked carrier themes, look just like 8700 themes. Only the carrier themes seem to use new capabilties like text fading in/out and actually showing next two appointments/new mail items.

    I would love to make a new theme which combined BB Dimension Today and ZEN. The ability to choose which icons appear on the left of home screen and the fade-in/out on roll-over combined with the ability to show the first two messages or next appointments would be great (fade those in/out too).


    PS - I did a search but didn't find anything. If this has already been answered, please just tell me the search words you used. Thanks!
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    Re: 8800 Theme Tool...

    i dont believe there is one yet, it took quite a few months until they released one for the pearl, and since the 8800 is relatively new, i wouldn't expect one anytime soon if theres a pattern with release time.

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    Re: 8800 Theme Tool...

    thank you

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    Re: 8800 Theme Tool...

    the themes posted look like 8700 themes because that is the ONLY way we can make themes for the 8800 and they are hit/miss with image sizing and icon sizing...

    so, more or less, we are forcing the 8800 to take 8700 themes and using ptb 4.1 to build them...

    hopefully plazmic will issue some new updates soon for the 8800 and 8300 models

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    Re: 8800 Theme Tool...

    But I wouldn't look for too much in the customization departiment. Theme builder typically uses a base theme that is already provided, and doesn't let you change theme operation. The pearl only has the Icon and the Zen as options for the themes.

    Hope this helps
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    Re: 8800 Theme Tool...

    ~via BB (
    The verizon theme on the 8830 is probably the closest that you're going to get to the today plus theme.

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