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I am new to BB, so bear with me on this... I bought a T-Mobile ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    8800 on T-Mobile UK


    I am new to BB, so bear with me on this...

    I bought a T-Mobile (UK) BB 8800 the day before yesterday with Web n Walk, and it all worked fine (email, web browsing, all good).

    The default APN for the phone was

    I needed TCP/IP access for my news reader, IM etc., so I changed the APN to with the user/mms as the username/password.

    All of my TCP/IP applications worked perfectly.

    What does not work now is the BB Browser. I *think* it is because it needs to go through the BES ? It kindof seems like that for the BB Browser to work, the APN must be

    Has anyone heard of anything like this before?

    Oh, and before you say "Use Opera", I need to have the BB Browser working so I can OTA install applications.

    Oh and just a heads up, one of the apps that wouldn't work until I changed the APN was the BBMaps, which is pre-installed. After a few conversations with TMobile BB Support, it turns out they can't help with it because it is not supported by Tmobile, even though it was included on the phone. BBMaps would load up, but could not download any tiles. Changing the APN fixed it, but broke the browser.



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    Re: 8800 on T-Mobile UK

    You shouldn't have the Blackberry Browser without being on a BES but you should have the Internet Browser which is sometimes named just Browser (as well as your carrier's WAP browser). There's no need to set anything to use the built-in browsers if you have a Blackberry data plan and it's properly provisioned. The TCP settings are only for third party apps.

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    Re: 8800 on T-Mobile UK

    Hi and Welcome to the Stacks.

    There are a couple of possibilities here. First, its possible that your BES admin has a policy requiring certain APN settings.

    I know that on my handheld, (Cingular in the US) I actually have 2 browser icons. One that uses Cingulars APN settings for and one that goes thru my BES.

    You may want to check with your BES admin to see if they are using such a policy.

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    Re: 8800 on T-Mobile UK

    When you say "I changed the APN to with the user/mms as the username/password what do you mean by "user/mms"? Wahat worked in the username and password fiels please? Having same issues thanks

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    Re: 8800 on T-Mobile UK

    ~via BB (
    I'm on tmob uk with an 8700. My friend just received his 8800 today and his opera, bb maps would work.

    I told him to enter the apn address.


    Leave the user and pass completely blank. Do not put anything there at all.

    His opera started to work, bb maps worked. And no problem using the when n walk browser. Make sure u haven't selected any other setting other than web n walk browser.

    Should be
    Web n walk
    Web n walk

    Any other questions u can private message me and we can copy my friends settings.

    Good luck

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    Re: 8800 on T-Mobile UK

    I am experiencing exactly the same problems. After changing my APN to with a user/pass of t-mobile/one2one (the same settings I used on my old phone), BBmaps started working and the browser broke.

    I am on Web n Walk, but the browser settings show it all as t-zones - something that isn't changeable.

    Any solutions most welcome as the T-mobile techs are out of ideas.

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