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Hi all, just picked up an 8800 last week and am loving it so far...but ... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    8800 issues - sticky voicemail indicator, shortcut questions?


    Hi all, just picked up an 8800 last week and am loving it so far...but I seem to have a couple issues:

    1. My voicemail indicator sticks, meaning that though it updates instantly when a new voicemail arrives (and correctly indicates the number of new voicemails waiting), after I receive and delete the voicemails, the icon never disappears! How can I fix this?

    2. Keyboard lock - is there a way to create a shortcut for keyboard lock so that I could hold *, for example, and lock the keyboard? Alternatively, can I set a keyboard lock timeout (not the password-protected security lock timeout)?

    3. Can I create shortcuts for programs at all? Whenever I hold down a key it only prompts me to make it a speeddial...why can't I speed programs? =P

    4. BBWeather - I am on AT&T(cingular), installed BB weather, disabled MDS proxy, entered my location correctly, and changed to wap.cingular. While BBWeather works and periodically gives me weather updates, it also constantly spits "Bad DNS Address" and "Error: Could not open tunnel" messages at me. Anyone know what I've done wrong?

    5. Is there any way to get an 8800 version of the Today Plus theme? I'd love to have my messages/calendar/call log on my home screen AND my top 5 applications...that would be ideal!

    Thanks for all the help and I look forward to contributing to the community!

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    Keyboard Lock

    As to #2, as long as the Dial from Home Screen in the Phone/Options is set to no, you can touch the K key to lock the keyboard.

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