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~via BB ( How about a screenshot of that 4.2 on your 87 Jibi?... Blackberry 8800 & 8820 forum

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    Re: Will There Be 3 Different Versions Of The 8800?


    ~via BB (

    How about a screenshot of that 4.2 on your 87 Jibi?

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    Re: Will There Be 3 Different Versions Of The 8800?

    This thread is not a political debate thread.

    That being said, it needs to go back on topic.

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    Re: Will There Be 3 Different Versions Of The 8800?

    Quote Originally Posted by N8DBB
    Look at the 8800 devices above. Notice that each device has different shapped keys on the keyboard. I am not saying that one has qwertz, look past that. Look at the actual shape of the keys themselves. Each device is different. Same thing can be said about the Talk/Menu/Back/End keys. Each device is different.

    Also, look down towards the bottom of the phone. The microphone is clearly visible on the far right device in the bottom right hand corner (which is actually opposite of where it is located on the 8700). On the other two devices it seems as if the microphone is located in the center of the device.

    Now, also the LED display lights are located in different areas. This isn't too much of a concern because of the fact that it's the exterior case.
    If you've dismantled a Blackberry or other cell phone you know that the shape and size of keys (and even the housing itself) don't matter much as long as the pins under the keys line up with the sensors on the board that the keypad sits on. Shop around for a particular model Nokia and you'll see all sorts of keypad options that look very different but mechanically align and work just fine. From looking at these photos (not the best way to make such assessments, by the way) I can't see why the keyboards in the three 8800 family models couldn't use identical internals.

    To further confuse things, RIM has already used keypads in the 7100's that were not compatible across all models (there were at least two different keypads, IIRC).

    As for the microphone, again, I don't see anything truly conclusive as to where the microphone is placed on any of the three models.

    LED indicators on device housings are even more deceptive as they all use light conduits since the actual LED sits on the main board. The light conduit can be made in pretty much any shape and length can be varied to a degree so it's not a useful method for assessing any internal differences.

    Again, I'll emphasize that trying to infer all this from photos (not matter how well resized and aligned) won't provide you with any conclusive evidence as there's a bit of a margin of error in manipulating the photos.

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