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I am say here with my pc playing music, wireless keyboard next too me on ... General Blackberry forum

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    I am say here with my pc playing music, wireless keyboard next too me on the couch and the 42inch plasma display showing my screensaver. Meanwhile reading and posting on here via BB.

    Why? Because I can.

    ~via BB (

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    Haha. Guilty of the "test message" texts and phantom vibes. Also, I've switched from my pearl to my 7290 about 5 times already today lol.

    ~via BB (

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    ~via BB ( how about if you've ever called your BB your "baby." I know I'm guilty.

    You forget to put apostropes in words like "don't" because your used to your BB doing it for you

    I'm guilty of almost all of these. I don't know what'd I'd do without my "baby" lol

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    I know this thread is older but I had to add my 2 cents.

    If you fail to go to bed with your husband/wife just to spend time on your bb, then act like you were doing something else when you hear them get up...

    If you have holes in your cotton tees from wiping the fingerprints and dust off your bb...

    If you have overslept then had to take the kids to school yourself...

    If your bb spends as much time in the bathroom as you do...

    Last but not least. If everyone in your house is scared to touch or breathe on your bb... You may be spending to much time on your bb!

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    1- If you set your BB on the counter in the bathroom while you shower, so you can see the flashing light through the shower door. Even though you wont check it until your out (and you do before you fully dry off!)

    2- If you finish replying to messages and you realize 5 minutes has gone by with nothing new and you check to see if your phone is Ok.

    3- You have your auto-lock set to 20 minutes but as long as your awake it never auto-locks.

    4- You feel guilty because you got busy at work and your phone auto-locked and your a little annoyed because you have to put in your password.

    5- Your driving home and nobody has messaged you the whole ride and your thinking "Where is everyone? What am I supposed to do if noones talking" then you feel stupid because you SHOULD be paying attention to your driving.

    6- Your state passes a new anti-texting law with a $100 fine. Your stomach sinks when you hear it and you wonder what the heck are you gonna do on your commute? You try it for two days and feel like your going through withdrawals, so you pick the phone up just "once" and you get a rush!

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    Talking about toilets... I use it as my TIME Magazine reading sanctuary !
    I still do...but I read it on the BB !
    Yikes...! Guilty as charged !

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