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I was given a new blackberry 8700C at my job. My work email comes directly ... General Blackberry forum

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    Question Work Monitoring


    I was given a new blackberry 8700C at my job. My work email comes directly to the blackberry now. I assume they have a BES server.
    When I use my personal email and the internet from the blackberry is this going through the BES server or straight through cingular?
    In other words, can work see what I'm doing with my blackberry online besides my work email?

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    Re: Work Monitoring

    Your work can see alot of what youre doing. Internet, sms, mms, pin is all logged. However, your other email accounts are not.
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    Re: Work Monitoring

    But at the same time, if the IT Policy is set to do so, your work can force all outbound email to pass through your corporate email account. Send yourself and email to your BIS account, reply to the message and see what address it comes back from.

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    Re: Work Monitoring

    ~via BB (

    If your BlackBerry is on a BES, consider that everything you do on your BlackBerry is being logged by the BES.

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    Re: Work Monitoring

    No such thing as a free lunch.....Thats why lots of "execs" carry a BB for data and a Treo or whatever for personal...VIVA BIS!!!!! All the privacy, all the apps, all the themes, yada x3

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