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    Wireless Sync Questions


    I need to find an answer to this question; and I have searched, but I'm not sure if I have searched for the proper terms.

    I recently switched from my Blackberry to a Blackjack (Cingular). This was my first foray into windows mobile, and while it works well as a phone, and even e-mail is ok, I still miss my Blackberry. What I did find that I really like is the Emoze software. For those that don't know, the Emoze software resides on (in this case) my office PC, and it syncs my work e-mail, calendar, and contacts with my Blackjack wirelessly. As far as I can tell, this software does not work for the Blackberries; and I can not find a similar sync client for the Blackberry. I do have a hosted exchange account that I can use to manage my calendar and contacts, and I can forward my company e-mails to it, but I have been unable to set up my Outlook client on my company PC to sync with my hosted exchange service.

    So, here is my scenario…

    I have Outlook up and running through the Outlook Connector for Lotus Notes, and I have a hosted exchange account through I would really like to be able to have Outlook on my work PC sync wirelessly with my Blackberry through the Outlook Connector to my Lotus Notes. Now, before everyone jumps in and tells me that I need a corporate BES, while my company does have a BES, I am unable to get my Blackberry on the BES (only our Senior Execs have Blackberries).

    I really want to switch back to my Blackberry, but it is going to be difficult if I have to go back to forwarding e-mails, and syncing with the USB chord.

    Any comments or thoughts would be appreciated.


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    Re: Wireless Sync Questions

    There's not much to say other than you need BES for wireless sync which you're already aware of.

    If you can't be placed on the BES at work then you're out of luck as far as wireless sync with your work account is concerned. If your Exchange host offers BES you can obviously wirelessly sync to your hosted account.
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