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I'm from Canada, going to visit some family in the states this xmas break. I ... General Blackberry forum

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    wifi-roaming question


    I'm from Canada, going to visit some family in the states this xmas break.
    I was just wondering, if I use wifi in the house while I'm roaming in the USA,
    Am I going to incur any charges?
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    hmm.. well make sure you turn the mobile network off and just leave on the wi-fi... i did this when traveling to Mexico from USA and didn't incur anything extra.. BUT then again i did not make calls i only used it to browse the web and send/receive emails. so i'm not sure what would have happened if i did make calls.
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    depends on if you have hotspots @ home as part of your'd have to have t-mobile and the H@H plan to make free wi-fi calls anytime to and from anywhere...if not then you will be charged minutes for the wi-fi call...but do as e-berry says and make sure you only enable wi-fi so you don't accidentally do anything you don't want to on a carrier's for data use only like web browsing and e-mailing and the like there is no charge are you are already paying it to your ISP...would suck if you had to pay twice to use your wi-fi...hope this helps

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