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After using Palm for years before getting my 1st BB I have to say my ... General Blackberry forum

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    After using Palm for years before getting my 1st BB I have to say my # 1 attraction is the rock solid OS! No lockups, freezes, and reboots

    You have to love a device that just plain works!!!!


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    I have two BBs both from Alltel, an 8130 and an 8330.

    I loved the small size of the 8130 Pearl. It has amazing capabilities for a smartphone it's size. And once I got used to it, I really loved suretype most of the time. In addition to the browser and email I loved the GPS functionality, camera and video camera, and the media player. I used my pearl as my mp3 player for the gym. The thing I hated about my pearl was the memory. I had a routine down for clearing my browser cache, event log, and doing a soft reset every other day. I was obsessed with checking my file free status.

    My number 1 favorite feature of my 8330 Curve is MORE MEMORY I have tons of 3rd party apps, several themes and games, way more than my pearl could ever handle and my file free never seems to drop below 30mb. After a reset it is up over 40 mb, after about 2 days goes down to 30mb and never seems to drop below that. My compulsion to check my file free 100 times per day is slowly diminishing ! I have not deleted all the stuff I removed from my Pearl, so I still have VAD, preloaded pics and ringtones etc. I did remove extra languages, the preloaded video and "Help" and that's about it.

    I actually missed SureType when I first got my Curve. But once I had been using it for about a week and then used my pearl again, I hated the suretype! My son is using the Pearl now and I hate when I need to use it for anything, especially since he hates SureType and has it set to Multitap

    I also love the bigger screen on my Curve, better for watching movies and tv shows than the pearl was, and the maps on telenav show up bigger which is very helpful while driving.

    The only feature I don't have and wish it did, just so I can try it, is wifi capabilities. But web browsing on my BB is still much faster than my friends who are on GSM networks. But I would like to compare wifi speeds to CDMA...
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    Best phone I ever had! I know I said that for my last phone which was the T-Mobile Wing, but that phone froze and had it's slow times. One thing I hated about the T-Mobile Wing was the screen flipping that causes the phone to move slow and somtimes freeze!!! I don't have to worry about that with my BB. As much as I love complicated phones, the BB has everything you need in plan view. I use to hate Blackberry's, but the Curve is more of my style so I had to make a switch. I def. wont be going to another device.

    Sticking with Blackberry's ONLY!

    Oh and I love the keyboard!
    T-Mobile HTC Touch Pro2 & I'm not coming back! :D


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    that says it all for me...

    Quote Originally Posted by Denisenicole View Post
    I currently have a pearl, upgrading to an 8310 soon. But I've had my reliable pearl for almost a year and I can't imagine using any other phone but a BB. I have pratically my entire life on my BB. My memo pad and calendar helps keep me sane and organized (I'm a tad bit forgetful). With my BB messenger my friends are within reach with one click at a far cheaper rate than international calling rate charges. I can respond to emails in a snap. I can access the internet and files within seconds plus trying to break my high score in brick breaker can keep me occupied for hours. The question should what is it I don't like cause that would be much shorter

    ditto on all of that...
    this is the most am amazing phone I've ever used.
    I started with the 8130 in feb or march, and about 3 months later I upgraded to the curve. I have never been able to run personal life and business life so seamlessly and seemingly choreographed.
    it really just helps for things to fall into place.

    But no brickbreaker, I like dopewars.
    It's exactly like the stock market, buy low sell high... really high!
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    forgot one very important one, its sexy...
    Insert catchy phrase here..

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    I love my blackberry because it keeps me company when I'm lonely...

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    Of the many BlackBerrys I own, the 8310 Curve is my favorite. For my large hands it has the best, fastest &
    easiest keyboard. Everything else about it is also excellent. Usually I switch phones every month or so, I've used this 8310 nearly a year & I'm still not tired of it. In fact it has dampened my enthusiasm for a Bold, since the only feature on a Bold I want, is 3G. I have no interest in entertainment on a small screen.
    If 3G was availble on an 8310 I would be all set. Nothing better.

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    I don't think I'd be able to go without my 8330 if I had to. I've only had it a month or so but it's already become grafted to my hand.

    I had an 8130 for a few months, and while I loved the phones functionality and addictive nature, I could stand Suretype. It's not that Suretype made things's just that it still felt like I was using a regular old cell phone, spelling words for me that I didn't want and all that good stuff.

    As soon as I picked up my 8330 Curve I was in love. The extra memory and responsiveness were the first things that I fell for. The bigger screen and full keyboard have got me hooked for life. The stability of the OS is amazing, never a single issue, and I'll be picking up an 8GB MicroSDHC card right away to turn the Curve into my mp3 player as well.

    Anyone considering a switch over to a BB shouldn't fear, but if you are overly cautious then the Pearl might be for you. The Pearl helped me transition over to the Curve almost seamlessly and I'm never going back!

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    just because i feel naked without it ... i know its sad ... lol hahahhaa
    oh yeah and mine's a Bold

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    Convergence, baby!!!

    It is the complete business/personal phone.

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    It's the ultimate device!!!!

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