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Sprint executive services sent me a free Blackberry 8830 because they screwed up my phone ... General Blackberry forum

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    Which is better?


    Sprint executive services sent me a free Blackberry 8830 because they screwed up my phone account, and put me through hell for a month. Well, it was a nice gift, and I'm told it's the best Blackberry available right now. (World Edition Phone) I'm a young college guy, and definitely dont use it for business, but it's a fun little gadget and I like the instant email when it arrives. I have been reading that Sprint is brining out the Pearl, which I had already tried out with Suncom. Is my 8830 really the most advanced, best blackberry available right now? I hate that it doesn't have a camera, but I can live without it I guess. What are your thoughts? Can you tell me of any fun downloads I should check out? I already have which actually sounds great for ringtones. That shocked me. Any suggestions and opinions would be great!

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    Re: Which is better?

    Guess it depends on what you want out of your BB... Personally I love my pearl... I like the small size of the 8100, the suretype and the camera... So I'll stick with my Pearl

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    Quote Originally Posted by Akakios
    A couple apps you should certainly try are Empower and Add to Calendar for your email. The best things for bb email that I've seen.
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    Or you could try BBSmart Email Viewer which has "Add as Task", "Add to Calendar", SmartNotes, Email Templates and HTML email display all built into it in one package

    Check out some of the screenshots @

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    View HTML email today with the Best Selling BlackBerry application: BBSmart Email Viewer

    A product of BBSmart

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    Re: Which is better?

    As with any "which is better" (regardless of what you're talking about -- it's not just BB's) question, the "better" option is the one that fits your needs/wants the best. You're the one that has to answer that question. For most, the unique features to the specific BB model and they keyboard are the major decision points. The core functionality of all BB's is the same.

    In your case, it sounds like you need to determine how important the camera is and whether you have a preference for full qwerty or SureType. Neither device will be drastically "more advanced" than the other. It would be a different story if you were comparing, say, the 7250 to the 8830.

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