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Originally Posted by explorer125 What is bluectl And do u have a link for it? ... General Blackberry forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by explorer125 View Post
    What is bluectl
    And do u have a link for it?

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    it allows you to use your BlackBerry as a mouse for your PC, I use it to play pranks on anyone who's on my PC at home... LOL

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    I too am in sales and my day-to-day activities have become so much easier since embracing my BB 8310 BIS. I am constantly amazed by the options and flexibility of the BB. Like many of you—I live and breathe with my BB. I have tried and rejected at least a dozen aps for being redundant or unnecessary for my needs and settled on the following for the moment: DocumentsToGo, CaptureIt, BBFileScout, GoogleMaps with Latitude enabled, OperaMini, BerryWeather and BrickBreaker—naturally, these could change before the end of the day or week. These are the only icons, along with media player, visible along with 6 email icons while using the Today theme for quick notification of calendar events or messages.

    Calendar, Tasks and Memos are also widely used. When traveling, reservation confirmation information is summarized and sent from my laptop to BB and stored in Memos for quick access. All appointments are placed in the calendar with notification set from 5 min. to 2 hours depending on needs. Misc. information (recipes, Frequent Flyer numbers for wife and I for several airlines, notes, Wisdom From Larry The Cable Guy, etc.) are also stored in Memos.

    Dialing from the home screen is disabled to provide quick and easy access to the BB shortcuts that I use extensively. In fact, if it weren't for these shortcuts, I probably would have discarded the BB in favor of my old Nokia long ago.

    I never synchronize but backup my BB weekly using DM 4.6 without Roxio on my laptop. I tether infrequently (but not enough for ATT to hammer me) and only to send a Yahoo or Gmail I compose on the laptop. I just upgraded my media card last night from a 4gb to 16gb from ($38 + free shipping). I copied almost 400 songs over to the new card along with videos, photos, voice notes, etc. I plan on using some of the extra storage space on the card to store additional files, photos and more mp3’s.

    I use my BB as an mp3 player via speaker w/ audio boost enabled at least weekly for about 3 to 4 hours at each use. Still have enough juice to last the day but have the vehicle or home charger available if necessary. In fact, it was the volume of the original Curve 8300 that impressed me. It had been out for only a couple of weeks when the ATT rep suggested I try it. The clarity and speaker volume were so much better than anything I had ever heard that I bought it on the spot.

    I have almost 800 contacts with several contacts placed in groups for a specific ring tone (mp3) for quick identification. All mp3’s have been “normalized” by Mp3Gain with perhaps a dozen receiving extra attention from Audacity to improve the volume. All calls ring after 2 vibrations in the BB holster with a unique song for that caller. All emails are 3 vibrations only in holster-one vibrate out of holster. I download specific tunes from Amazon but mostly rip them from my CD’s.

    I change the wallpaper weekly with a new photo that does not obscure the writing on the Today theme. Each day usually starts out by reading my subscription Pinstack forums while enjoying a cup of Joe. I use the same password, or a variation of it, for everything in my life that needs a password. So, a program like PasswordKeeper becomes unnecessary. Love the access to Google (Home Page) and the ability to access banking information, airlines or just surf. Camera is used frequently and is assigned the right convenience key while Video Player has the left key (thinking of changing to voice notes though). I don’t do much text messaging as most of the folks I communicate with have email. I use auto-text for different signatures depending on the recipient. Much of my familiarity and/or knowledge is information received from my fellow stackers. These forums have been invaluable and have really kept me informed with tips, techniques, guidelines, reviews, how to’s, what-not-to-do, developments, rumors, etc. Enjoy your BB—I sure do!
    "We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give."
    Enjoying life in Lehi, UT with my BB 9780 on ATT

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    sorry no
    Where to start...I have the bb curve 8330 os 4.5 and I have yahoo go,viigo,slacker,and a few launchers.I'm disabled with both physical pain and mental problems including being antisocial(inability to be around others too much due to panic attacks),memory problems and stress issues.My blackberry has become a way that I can try to satisfy my need to be helpful to others,injoy new art(pics,walls,themes),learn,have a computer like experences that are impossible otherwise,and not feel quite so worthless.I spend most of my time at theme sites (finding you all to be so kind)trying hard to be helpful and to make others feel the same kindness from me as I do from you all.I admire the theme designer's creativity, knowlege, and generosity.I try hard to make sure they know they're appreciated at least by me rather I can use their theme or not.I try to help with any tech or logical type problems I can.I'm happiest when I've been able to help solve a problem or add something that helps others.I have three email accounts, gmail,blackberry,yahoo and rarely use any but the gmail.I use the yahoo go app for weather,some news,and maps.Mostly weather though.I'm using the viigo for the blackberry cool type news updates.I have yet to get much use out of my slacker app.But all of this is unfortunatly secondary.My bb curve and my moto Q9c are my only phones and required as such.I do hope I haven't bored you too much.I do hope over time I'll learn more add more free useful apps and eventually upgrade my blackberry as US Cellular gets new models in and I can save up enough it.Yep borring even to me.
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