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    What's included in a full backup?


    Hey there,

    need to know what a full backup does include,
    as I need a complete backup, including themes, programs, ringtones, pictures, address book, messages, and so on, and I won't have access to the old berry while restoring the backup to the new one. As a result I can't use the switching wizard, as it needs both BBs to be connected at the same time.

    Thanks in advance!

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    For sure your PIM info will transfer. Address Book, Calendar, Messages (if included in the backup).

    The third party stuff is tricky, when I switched devices from the pearl to curve none of my 3rd party apps transferred. I may have done it wrong though. My theory is if you have the applications in the app loader it should move those over. (i think)

    I'll let someone with more experience with this take over because i'm just confusing myself now.

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