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If you can only choose ONE what would you choose to lose? Your Blackberry or ... General Blackberry forum

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    ASK ME

    What would you lose if you had the choice?


    If you can only choose ONE what would you choose to lose? Your Blackberry or your wallet?
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    I'd have to say BlackBerry. Wouldn't want someone to have my credit cards, license, and atm card. That would make jack a dull boy. But so would losing my new 8900!
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    Blackberry. The device and sim are password protected
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    I would painfully have to say my wallet lol... I can always cancel my card numbers/get a new license/I don't carry cash( i'm a visa guy) hehehe... Me loosing my bb would be like loosing my head
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    I'd say my wallet... i dont carry anything in it anyways... LOL but if it were my BB I lost I would just remote wipe with SmrtGuard... LOL

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    Ouch. I'd say my wallet because I too rarely if ever carry cash, so I can get new credit cards and a license easily enough. I'd be more upset about losing my kid's photos in my wallet. My 8900 though I'd have to buy outright as my contract isn't up and I couldn't afford it.
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    2,044's password protected and on a BES and I buy a new one whenever I want so the BB can be lost/stolen and I would only panic for a brief moment.
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    i don't carry a wallet. Just like Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld, It throws off my back.

    I carry my Bank card, Visa, and License in my front pocket. and I usually have $100-$60 cash in my back pocket.

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    ^^^ Great information for all you pick-pockets out there.

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    I'd say my wallet everything in it is replaceable and I hardly even realize its there. My BB is always in hand so I would miss it much more.

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    all joking aside.

    I know I said I don't carry a wallet. but if I had to choose between all my cards&cash or my BB i would say take my cards&cash.

    all my bank and cc cards are replaceable for free, i think my Ontario drivers license is around $50 to replace and I don't carry over $100 on me at anytime. For me to replace my 8900 from rogers is CDN$600.

    simple math imho

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    Relatives count? J/K

    Wallet. Because then I can still use my BB to call all the companies and places that I need to!
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    My blackberry but I would definitely suffer withdrawals if I don't get hold of one immediately after losing it.

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    The BB would be quite immediately replaced by my company and all the contacts are safe in my Notes.
    A lost wallet (license, ccards etc) would mean much more effort.
    So I don't have to think twice.
    But the idea behind the question is quite interesting. I definitly NEED the BB functions every day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVT Cobra View Post
    Relatives count? J/K

    I'm going to have to go with Blackberry. They won't get anything off of it and I'll render it useless.

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