Hello Pinstackers, I wanted to ask you for some of your ideas about using your Blackberry device, and having access to server/storage space and emailing.

Suppose you could have access to your customized online space for a reasonable price. Not a blog or web site, but genuine server and storage with a fixed amount of space and bandwidth a month.

Would you want to upload your photos for storage, and download them later? Would you upload product or service information, and provide customers a link to download them?

I know this community has lots of good ideas, and I'd like to hear them. I've set up a survey form. You must enter information for the first idea and your email to submit the form. You can enter up to three ideas per form. If you need more, fill it out again.

I'm asking for your email in case I need to get additional information. Anything you submit, including your email address will not be shared with anyone.

Please don't suggest anything of questionable or unlawful nature or content. Other than that, anything goes.

Thanks in advance for your input.