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I had a lousy motorola v360.~via BB ( General Blackberry forum

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    I had a lousy motorola v360.~via BB (

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    I had th kickflip from helio.... It was an awesome phone for games and they had super customer service but I got hooked on. Blackberries while I was in the coast guard so I changed out for one

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    I was using an HTC Touch. What a piece of CRAP!!

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    I have always used SprintPCS for personal use ... I have been through a few phones over the last 10 or so years. I have also been using PalmOS since the original Palm Pilot ... so I have a ton of software, and it's hard to get off that. I still keep my Treo650 around, but it isn't activated. There's just too many apps I can't replace with my Berry. Hoping that'll change.

    My work phone is a Treo750 - and I hate Winmobile, but I do like VPN and the RDP - and I am using the cheesy builtin push mail which works ok. My workmate has a BB and we get our mail within seconds of each other and our desktop exchange clients. The Treo is fine for work and saved me going in many times to do fast work. I still can't get off touch screens completely *especially* when doing remote desktop work. I tried it on a friend's BB once, and it was really really frustrating.

    Overall I do like my Curve best of all (though I would love to make a lot of changes), which is funny - always having hated Blackberry phones. I guess it was all the old Berrys I dealt with (I am a sysadmin, and BES is one of my things) ... but since RIM made their genius marketing decision and started marketing to non-business people, I can't imagine going back. To think I *almost* got a PalmOS Centro just to keep all my old Palm apps. Life without GPS? I think not!

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    Let's see, 2005 was a Nokia 6101, then a Moto A630 for a week, Nokia 6103. Then came the Samsung D600 (that was a good phone), got my Pearl in May of this year, upgraded to my Curve in August. Waiting to see how the Javelin is when it comes out (Curve 8900, whatever ). ~via BB (

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    Numerous Nokia phones to begin my mobile device career, then on to a RAZR, while working for TMO I carried a 7290, then 7100, followed by the 8700. Left TMO and went to a Moto Q... Now, 8330! via BB (

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    i was rockin the razr v3! and believe me i do not miss it, and it wasnt hard to let go!
    Phone: T-Mo S4- Stock-Rooted

    Device: T-Mobile S3
    Device: HTC Amaze 4G
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    Device: BlackBerry (9700, 8900,8320,8120,8100)

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    Quote Originally Posted by EricaJ1073 View Post
    Before my BlackBerry:

    SideKick Color and 2

    Compaq (now HP) iPAQ Pocket PC/Pocket PC Phone Editions: 3835 and 6315. I am looking to get the HP iPAQ 900 Series Business Messenger now just for the heck of it.

    Dell Pocket PC

    Only platform I haven't tried is the Palm (I am looking at either the Pro when the price comes down, or the Centro which will warrant a contract switch to AT&T unless someone has one unlocked for T-Mobile service).
    Had the Dell X5 and still have my Dell Axim X51V WM 6.1/624Mhz Processor w/iPhone-like touch-screen...years before its time! But Alas, I hate WM!!!! Pearl next, Curve now!

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    Moto Razor-that seems like a LONG time ago. Im Berry for life now!

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    Hello, my name is staccs. I used to use a razr v3m from sprint. Now I'm a berry addict. ~via BB (

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    i had the nokia 5300 xpress, good phone but when i met the bb i fell in love and my heart skipped a beat, at first i got lured in by the red crimson pearl 8100, she was good to me, for about a week then she cheated on me, and i dumped her, she was good but was too skinny for my liking and some of her buttons were not working as i would have liked, so i put myself on the market again, it was a long three hours until i saw her, yes she was the most beautiful bb i have ever seen, she was also nice and thick, just how i like them, she was titenium and she rocked my world, everything fell into place and she has been good me and we will be celebrating our 1 month anniversary this thursday.......

    PIN: 247A308F

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    I had a razr I thought I was cool with one but everyone and their momma had one and one day that I went to tmobile to go pay my bill a sales rep told me about blackberry and she showed me the pearl and it was love at 1st sight I got it on the spot and been in love with blackberry and then the curve came out and fell in love with it 2 so I'm waiting for the javelin so I can get it and fall in love with it :-)~via BB (

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    I was using a Samsung Blackjack. That was the worst phone I owned. The reception was terrible and the lag answering and hanging up calls was frustrating.

    ~via BB (

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    Smoke Signals!
    If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first create the universe. - Carl Sagan

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    Before all my berries i had:

    Razor (shitty fone)
    Sony erisson T68i (Ikno its freakin old)
    sony erisson W580
    simens c65
    simens SP65
    nokia 5310
    ~90 people get the swine flu and everyone is wearing face masks. Millions of people have AIDS but no one wears condoms...

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