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Yup. Lol! Originally Posted by Ge You complaining about reseting a BlackBerry Google iPhone and ... General Blackberry forum

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    Yup. Lol!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ge View Post
    You complaining about reseting a BlackBerry

    Google iPhone and Locked Boot Screen. You don't know what a dream it is to have a BlackBerry, until you experience a lock up on an iPhone

    The iPhone locks up on you when you least expect it and there is nothing you can do. The only way to repair it is to launch iTunes. If you are lucky, you can hold the Home and Power Button at the same time and pray.

    The worse part, this can happen at anytime, so if you are away on a business trip, and it locks up, you are screwed. You will have no phone. You will be begging to do a battery pull. Unfortunately, Apple thinks that people are too stupid and sealed the battery in the phone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigHulkDiese View Post
    Lol wow.... its like I get beat on for mentioning an iphone. Guys, I was just saying that the wait is making people do strange things.

    And in my Friends defense (who is the sales lady) doesn't tell me these things to sale me the phones. She basically gives them to me (Curve for 25 bucks, etc.). I was just using her opinion because she tests all the phones that come through the store. She used a curve for the longest time, then an original iphone (which she hated), then a blackjack 2 which she said was ok, now the Iphone 3g (which she loves).

    Just thought the opinion might spark some interest.
    Now that you give us a little more background on the situation it makes a difference. When responding to a post most of us think lowest common denominator to help our members not be taken advantage of. So speaking for myself I was not beating on you. However if it came across that way to you I apologize. I have but one goal & that is to make a positive difference, and help the members of this great forum.


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